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Pat Ballard offers that personal touch, and has a reputation for excellence - Pat is someone that you really can trust. Here are Pat's top 5 tips for carpet buyers....

The top 5 most common mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet:

1 believing you can get a "cheap hard wearing carpet"...
.... you can't - they don't go hand in hand. You can buy a cheap carpet like a cord carpet, but it won't be hard wearing. However you can buy a hard wearing carpet like a 80/20 wool twist pile carpet, but it won't be cheap. If it is hard wearing and cheap you are after, try your local market stall. If however it's quality you want, at a reasonable price, then Pat Ballard Carpets is for you.

2 believing in free fitting - I'm getting a great deal...
.... nobody will come to your home and fit a carpet for free. The truth is that the cost of the fitting is included in the price. If you do genuinely find someone who is offering to fit your carpet for free, then why not buy your carpet from Pat, but use them to fit it!

3 believing 75% discounts really do exist...
... they don't. A carpet that has allegedly been discounted from £14.99 to £3.99 has always been a £3.99 carpet. Don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks. Buy cheap and you pay twice.

4 believing that buying a cheap underlay is a good way to save money...
.... this is a false economy. You need to make sure the underlay is sufficent quality so that it will last for the lifetime of your carpet. If you go for something inferior, it is likely that the underlay will deteriorate before the carpet does, potentially as soon as within 2 or 3 years. See the notes below for the importance of chosing a good underlay.

5 believing all carpets are hard wearing...
... quite simply, they aren't! A felt back carpet fitted on a hall stairs and landing without underlay is not going to wear more than a couple of years. On the other hand a good quality 80/20 twist, for example, with good quality underlay will wear up to 10 years. Tell Pat what you are looking for and he will be able to advise you best on your needs.


Pat says: buy quality underlay

Carpet manufacturers will not guarantee the wearability of their carpet if it is not fitted on a good quality underlay. Neither will they guarantee the wear of the carpet if it has been fitted on customers' own existing underlay (old underlay).

Just because you can't see it, does not mean that underlay isn't important. A good quality underlay can extend the life of a carpet by up to 40%, It can reduce the impact of sound and absorb airborn sound, can save up to 15% on energy costs, and will give you best performance and protection.

Don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks - go to a name you can trust.

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